Academic Programs

Transfer of Credits from Other Institutions

Students entering the HCT may have already completed some course work at other institutions of higher education within and outside of the United Arab Emirates or may hold professional qualifications relevant to their chosen program of study.

In recognition of this, a student may be awarded credit towards their Bachelors, Higher Diploma and Diploma from credit earned outside of the HCT depending on the recognition of the other institution and evidence of learning completed.

Since there are significant program content differences between higher education institutions, students should be aware that such transfers may result in the student having to repeat some of the studies already completed and meet some additional requirements. The final decision and the year and program placement will be made by the HCT in consultations with appropriate academic departments.

Students may be given credit for:

  • Courses completed at Zayed University or UAE University. 
  • Courses completed at other UAE institutions accredited by CAA
  • Courses completed at overseas institutions accepted as being of equivalent standing

Students should be aware that transferred credits may not exceed 50% of the total credential program credit and no 4000-level final year courses may be transferred. The grades the student obtained in transferred courses do not enter into the student’s GPA calculation at HCT.

Please note that students must have achieved a minimum grade of Grade C or equivalent to be eligible for a transfer of credits considerations.

English Proficiency Requirements

To enter a Bachelors program at the HCT, students must have achieved an EmSAT English score of at least 1100 or  a band of 5.0 in Academic IELTS. Students who have not achieved the equivalent of EmSAT 1100 may be admitted to a program, but will have to complete 1-2 prerequisite English Communication courses before enrolling in program courses where the medium of instruction is English.

IELTS results are accepted only from HCT approved testing centers, and test dates are required to be within the 2 year validity period at the time of submitting an application for admission in a given semester.