AES-Arabic and Emirati Studies (AES)

AES 1003 Emirati Studies (2-2-3)

This course aims at consolidating national attachment, citizenship , identity, and appreciate national achievements of the United Arab Emirates government, through introducing the students to the major social aspects of UAE society, values and heritage, offer studies in variety of important fields related to The UAE history, geography, internal and external political aspects, social development, woman empowerment, UAE approach to Equip the community with Knowledge, multiculturalism, developments in infrastructure, economy, Renewable Energy, and UAE position in the global competitiveness.

AES 1013 Arabic Communications (2-2-3)

This course adopts an integrated approach to enhance proficiency and improve communication skills in Arabic. It introduces students to a variety of exemplary texts covering a wide range of topics that will prompt and enhance critical appraisal. The course utilizes fundamental and contemporary learning skills to encourage the usage of standard Arabic in different platforms and at different levels.

AES 1033 Islamic Culture (2-2-3)

Introduces the concepts and clarifies the importance of the Islamic culture as it applies to life in general as well as ideological perspectives.The course provides an understanding of the morals and virtuous values according to the guidance of moderate Islam, highlighting tolerance and connections to all nations and their civilizations. Further, the course deals with ethics and moral values as the most important factor in addition to extending the value of Islamic contributions to human civilization in many fields. Finally, the course analyzes and defines the challenges facing Islamic culture

AES 2003 Arabic for Non-Native Speakers (3-1-3)

This is a course aimed at developing Arabic language skills for non Arabic speakers (reading, writing, speaking and listening), grammar, and vocabulary. The students will learn and practice the basic communication skills that will get them engaged with their culture, study, and work requirement.