CGD - Games Development (CGD)

CGD 4613 Foundations of Game Development: Design, Art, Animation, Sound and Music (2-2-3)

This course introduces game design and development principles, including design, art and animation, sound design and music composition. Students learn to create a game design document, original 2D game artwork, 3D animations, sound perspectives, and game music using industry-standard software. They work collaboratively in a team environment reflecting the industry workspace to develop a complete game using project management practices. By the end of the course, students will have the skills to design and develop a basic video game with polished graphics, engaging sound and compelling gameplay.

CGD 4623 Game Production and Entrepreneurship (2-2-3)

This course explores the latest technologies to create games and build entrepreneurial skills in the game production and publishing industries. Topics include game programming and scripting, advanced game art, VFX, AR, VR, and entrepreneurship. A series of progressive assignments help students gain hands-on experience in identifying opportunities for game development projects, successfully managing them, creating fully functional games with VFX and interactive characters and environments, and incorporating AR and VR technology to enhance the gaming experience and provide immersive gameplay.

Prerequisites: CGD 4613