CIB - Business Solutions (CIB)

CIB 4003 E Business Applications Development (2-2-3)

Develop the skills required to build e-commerce applications. Develop server side applications that generate content, maintain state, authenticate users, connect to databases, and provide security of transactions and confidentiality of data. Build a complete e-commerce web application that handles memberships, online catalogues, shopping cart module, and check out.

Prerequisites: CIS 1203

CIB 4113 Accounting and Finance Analytics (2-2-3)

Developing students’ understanding of accounting and finance principles that are required to succeed in the marketplace. Understanding how to use data analytics based on accounting and financial data and demonstrating the process of collecting, cleaning, and transforming accounting and finance data that can be used in decision-making process. Applying appropriate analytical and visualization tools and technologies to analyze and visualize the accounting and financial data in the different stages of business processes

Prerequisites: CIS 3413, CIS 3613

CIB 4203 Customer Relationship Management Systems (3-1-3)

Investigating the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) functionalities in organizations and how they vary by industry. Creating strategies to track the implementation of CRM functionalities in business settings. Utilizing the developed plans to assist the firm in acquiring and retaining customers. Using CRM tools to monitor and evaluate the actual performance of CRM functions according to set customer acquisition and retention goals while considering the CRM KPIs targets. Creating data mining models that place a premium on evaluating the outcomes to aid in decision making.

Prerequisites: CIS 3413

CIB 4213 Information Technology Strategy and Governance (2-2-3)

Provides an understanding of IS Strategy and Governance, decision rights, strategic frameworks and mechanisms, alignment of strategy, governance and performance with related change management issues and schemes. The course highlights the fact that IS strategy and governance refers to allocation of responsibilities for the control of IS that enable accountability, participation, predictability and transparency. The course emphasises the responsibility of the board of directors and executive management in an organisation, and their integral role in enterprise governance.

Prerequisites: CIS 2013

CIB 4303 Emerging Technologies in Business (2-2-3)

Examining emerging technologies and exploring their impact on business and societal issues through both a business and theoretical lens. Students will research, identify, and evaluate a range of technologies based on a range of business requirements with various ethical, environmental, and sustainability perspectives. Students will practically apply these technologies to enable suitable business opportunities.

Prerequisites: CIS 2013, CIS 2103, CIS 3403

CIB 4403 Digital Marketing and Analytics (2-2-3)

Through relevant and applied business examples, the course provides the opportunity to interpret, evaluate, and integrate digital marketing data. Formulate and enact intelligent data-driven strategies and incorporate fundamental web marketing analytics into existing business practices. Identify and understand digital marketing metrics to gauge the success of traditional, digital, interactive, and social media marketing efforts. Through examining available systems and relevant examples, demonstrate the understanding of the digital value chain and how to capitalize on emerging trends.

Prerequisites: CIS 1203, CIS 3613