CIT - Computer Information Technology (CIT)

CIT 4933 Capstone Project I (1-3-3)

Students form teams to explore new and innovative ideas and define their project. They apply their knowledge of the development life cycle, project management, development tools, and skills gained throughout the program to propose, plan, analyse, and design an innovative IT/IS solution in response to an identified organizational or community need. Students complete project milestones and outcomes under supervision of a faculty and an industry mentor. Students are evaluated on each project phase and their ability to communicate, work in a team, and apply project management tools.

Prerequisites: CIS 2806, CIS 3603, (CNS 3203 or CNS 3123 or CIA 3503)

CIT 4943 Capstone Project II (1-4-3)

The Capstone project is carried forward from the previous semester with student teams moving to the development, testing, and implementation of their project designs. Students continue to complete project milestones under the supervision of faculty and an industry mentor. They are evaluated on their ability to develop solutions based on their design, test the proposed solutions, and implement them. Students are expected to demonstrate skills in knowledge integration, computing, entrepreneurship, communication, self-management, and collaborative teamwork.

Prerequisites: CIT 4933