CMC - Corporate Communication (CMC)

CMC 2303 Corporate Communication I (3-1-3)

Explores the principles and concepts of corporate communication including key definitions, dynamics and the tools of corporate communication. By developing the skills needed to execute and analyse essential strategies or tools, helps students engage with various corporate stakeholders as well as overcome challenges in the contemporary corporate world.

CMC 3003 Digital Marketing (3-1-3)

Introduces students to the concepts of digital marketing enabling them to understand the fast changing world of digital marketing. Offers an overview of the role of digital marketing in the communication industry preparing students to create, communicate and track effectiveness of marketing messages. The course examines a variety of digital marketing channels focusing on current trends and best practices as per industry updates and standards.

CMC 3503 Social Media (3-1-3)

Social Media has played a critical role in changing the landscape of the corporate communication industry in the past few years. This course introduces students to different issues arising in the online communication field focusing on opportunities and challenges available to organizations. The course examines the evolution and practice of social media and how it is changing human interaction, brand positioning, and reputation management. Students use a variety of social media networks including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google+.

Prerequisites: CMC 3003

CMC 4003 New Trends in Corporate Communication (3-1-3)

Discuss new trends and disruptive technologies that have an impact on Corporate Communications Developing processes and techniques to evaluate new trends, acquiring new knowledge and skills required for the adaptation. Several case studies will be used based on current trends at the time when the course is offered.

Prerequisites: CMC 2303

CMC 4013 Effective Corporate Communications in a Globalised Workplace (3-1-3)

Learning strategies on how to strengthen relationships with co-workers and other stakeholders from diverse cultural backgrounds, both inside and beyond the organisation. Considerations of cultural values when employee communicates in a multicultural community and workplace. Discussing effective communication skills required to build relationships with colleagues. Adopting appropriate intrapersonal and interpersonal, verbal and nonverbal, communicative strategies to present information. Building personal profile and appropriately align self in a globalised workplace.

CMC 4023 Media Relations (3-1-3)

Prepares students to enhance their writing skills for the media and develop media relations management strategies in a corporate environment. Drawing on current media situations, this course aims to develop writing and distribution of messages in a variety of formats to multiple media channels and platforms. It also evaluates best media practices and principles in the industry and critically discusses the strategies that should be used to ensure the success of an event/PR campaign.

Prerequisites: CMC 2303

CMC 4033 Corporate Communication II (3-1-3)

Examines a variety of corporate communication functions such as crisis communication, investor relations, issues management and public affairs, media relations, internal communication and corporate social responsibility. Explores a variety of local, regional, and international case studies, discussing the complexities of the world of corporate communications. Develops skills to help write case studies on relevant corporate communication issues.

Prerequisites: CMC 2303

CMC 4623 Communication Theory & Research Methods (3-1-3)

Evaluates various theories and research methods in communication/media studies and their relationship to society and the practice communication/media. Instruction will emphasize concepts, meanings, effects and impacts of theory and research of communication and its sub-disciplines within contemporary societies. The communication and media research processes are explored within the context of contemporary professional practice of corporate communication, media makers, and scholarship with a special focus on theory application and research methodology in the analysis of media content.

Prerequisites: COM 1153

CMC 4733 Strategic Communication (3-1-3)

Examines strategic communication and planning. This course teaches students to apply theory and research in the analysis, action planning, performance, and evaluation phases of communication processes. The course introduces concepts in communication theory focusing on data analytics for optimization processes in organizational settings. The course also examines a variety of strategic communication sub-fields of research and practice such as crisis communication, issues management, corporate social responsibility, and marketing and brand communication.

Prerequisites: CMC 2303

CMC 4803 Internal Communication Management (3-1-3)

This course provides an in-depth look at the internal communication function inside organizations and its role in reputation management. The course explains the primary role of the IC function in creating employee engagement, the tools and vehicles used to communicate internal messages, and how to design these messages. It also offers a hands-on approach to learning IC audit, research, and planning.

Prerequisites: CMC 2303

CMC 4806 Final Project - Corporate and Media Communication (8-1-6)

Integrates all the skills, competencies and knowledge students have learned in Corporate and Media Communications to accomplish a project of industry standard. Brings together professional, creative and critical approaches to conceptualise, research, plan, develop, execute and evaluate an original and independent project, which will be subjected to peer and industry review.

Prerequisites: COM 2313

CMC 4913 Capstone Communications Project I (1-4-3)

Students will explore innovative ideas by conducting research to define a project. They will utilize their knowledge of research methods, ethics, and best practices, and will integrate the skills, competencies, and knowledge they have acquired throughout the programme. Working in teams, students will apply their campaign and project management knowledge to propose an innovative solution to an organizational need, planning a project of industry standard. Students will complete project milestones, discuss their work with peers and collaborate with industry professionals.

CMC 4923 Capstone Communications Project II (1-4-3)

After Capstone I, students begin the production phase of their project, developing and implementing their proposed plan. Students will apply their campaign and project management skills to a real-world project in response to an organizational need. Through project milestones, students will demonstrate their knowledge of entrepreneurship, marketing, communication, self-management, and collaboration. They will develop, execute, and evaluate their project, which will also be reviewed by peers and industry professionals. Students create a portfolio showcasing their communications abilities.