CMV - Video Production (CMV)

CMV 2003 Motion Graphics (2-2-3)

This course builds on students' technical proficiency in the field of motion graphics by developing skills in vector graphics, animation, and video effects; and by applying these skills to three well-established applications of Motion Graphics. Students will study Motion Graphics production pipelines from concept to execution and learn to work with shot descriptions, storyboards, Mood Boards, 2D vector graphics, video, 3D Graphics, and video effects software.

Prerequisites: COM 1123

CMV 3003 Viral Video for Social Media (2-2-3)

The course explores the phenomena of viral videos with an emphasis on the psychology behind why some ideas can be more effective than others. It discusses different types of social videos, key benefits, and challenges of creating social videos; factors shaping the social influence and the metrics for monitoring video engagement to reach your target audience. By applying storytelling techniques to social videos, students create video narratives suitable for social media platforms.

CMV 3503 Video Editing (2-2-3)

Introduces elementary post-production techniques and the history and theory of editing through critical analysis and discussion of selected examples. Using industry-standard software and tools, familiarises students with the hands-on editing exercises and assigned projects, skills and post-production techniques, including sound mix and colour grading.

CMV 3513 Production Skills I (2-2-3)

Introduces essential elements of professional video production with an emphasis on visual literacy, storyboarding, shot composition, framing and shot types. Applies the proper use of sound, appropriate selection of microphones and lighting equipment. Students create a video production (such as a P.S.A., information piece, or news item) and critique their own work and the work of others.

Prerequisites: COM 1123

CMV 4003 Film and Video Distribution and Marketing (3-1-3)

This course introduces the skills necessary to support and enhance the student's artistic career in the film and video production industry. The subject focuses on advertising and promotion of their video projects to the audience at large via a variety of distribution platforms, marketing, and publicity strategies.

CMV 4013 Screen Culture (3-1-3)

The course Screen Culture introduces basic approaches to the main canons and genres of video production. Through the exploration of a diverse range of video and digital media production approaches, conventions, styles, and narrative structures, students will develop their own vocabulary and aesthetics which they can apply to their projects. They will also reflect critically on their own production work and the work of fellow students.

Prerequisites: CMV 3513

CMV 4103 Production Skills II (2-2-3)

Students extend video production skills with the introduction of additional creative concepts and technical skills. Working in small teams in different roles, learning new skill sets, including crew hierarchy, set procedures, budgets and realistic production schedules. The emphasis of the course is on enhancing technical and creative abilities in different phases of production. Students produce single-camera productions working as a cohesive unit. The Adobe Certified Associate (ACA) Video Communication Using Adobe Premier is embedded in this course.

Prerequisites: CMV 3513

CMV 4203 Video Scriptwriting (2-2-3)

Students will examine the advantages and limitations of writing for the screen through lectures, group discussions and film screenings. Students undertake short writing exercises, learning how to write loglines, treatments and scripts using industry standard software for both narrative and documentary productions.

CMV 4613 Short Video Production (2-2-3)

Through a collaborative process, explores visual storytelling in narrative format at all stages of a video production - from concept to distribution of the finished project. The course Initiates the creative processes of brain-storming, visual storytelling, guiding/directing actors, and choreographing the best possible shots and camera movements for visual conveyance of a story.

Prerequisites: CMV 3503, CMV 3513

CMV 4713 Documentary (2-2-3)

Develops concepts and skills for producing, shooting, lighting, sound gathering and editing for documentary production. Enhances technical skills in operation of video equipment, set location lighting solutions, sound recording equipment and utilise editing systems to produce a cinematic documentary to convey emotion and meaning. Generates professional competencies by focusing on evaluation techniques to improve storytelling skills, creative decision-making, and creating proposals for funding a project needed to work as in the industry.

CMV 4803 Advanced Edit and Effects (2-2-3)

Explores creative possibilities for non-linear video editing, including aesthetics, composition (both music and sound design), titles design, compositing and special effects. Analyses different approaches to editing exploring impact on viewers . Integrates the theory of editing with hands-on experience by including a series of short practical components.

CMV 4806 Final Project - Video Production (0-9-6)

Integrates all the skills, competencies and knowledge students have learned in Video Production to accomplish a project of industry standard. Brings together professional, creative and critical approaches to conceptualise, research, plan, develop, execute and evaluate an original and independent project, which will be subjected to peer and industry review.

Prerequisites: COM 2313, CMV 4613, CMV 4203

CMV 4913 Capstone Video Project I (1-4-3)

This course focuses on exploring innovative ideas by conducting comprehensive research and proposing a short video project and a demo reel. Students develop project management, communication, and creative problem-solving skills, essential in the film and media industry. Faculty-supervised project milestones evaluate their ability to apply tools, communicate, and present effectively. The course culminates with a presentation of a proposal and a plan for a final short video project and a professional demo reel that will be executed in Capstone II.

CMV 4923 Capstone Video Project II (1-4-3)

Capstone Video Project II is a continuation of Capstone Video Project I, students will begin the production and post-production phase of their project, developing and implementing their proposed plan. Students must demonstrate skills in cinematography, editing, design, and knowledge of entrepreneurship, communication, and teamwork which will also be evaluated by peers and industry professionals. The course culminates in a professional short video project and demo reel showcasing their video production skills for real-world projects.