ENT - Entrepreneurship (ENT)

ENT 2003 New Venture Creation (2-2-3)

This course provides theoretical and experiential approach to entrepreneurship including the entire new venture creation process from identifying business ideas, implementation, innovation, and growth. The essential element of this introductory course is to assess business opportunities, market development and growth strategies. The goal is to strategize on how start-ups can develop a unique value proposition for a scalable market and create opportunities. The course takes a collaborative approach to learning and students can analyze business cases from a practical entrepreneurial perspective.

ENT 2103 Business Negotiations (2-2-3)

Focuses on the principles and practices in business negotiations. Topics covered include negotiating concepts, strategies, situational applications, and practice in applied techniques. Negotiation in sales, customer relations, global nuances in negotiation situations, employee management, and career development are explored.

Prerequisites: MGT 1003

ENT 3023 Small Business Management (2-2-3)

Focuses on the management of small independently owned and operated businesses. It emphasises analysing new business opportunities which include planning and managing contemporary small businesses. In-depth understanding is achieved through field experiments in small businesses.

ENT 3033 Social Entrepreneurship (2-2-3)

Social entrepreneurship is an emerging and developing field of business and academic study that explores the entrepreneurial practices of solving complex social and environmental challenges by identifying, starting and growing successful mission-driven for-profit and not-for-profit ventures. This course introduces both socially relevant theoretical background and practices of social entrepreneurship to better equip students by exploring in-depth insights into profit generation and social impact creation across a number of areas including inequality, health, education, energy & sustainability.

ENT 3103 Leadership for Entrepreneurs (2-2-3)

Examines leadership theories and research with an emphasis on the development of leadership and interpersonal skills and practices to be an effective leader in varied entrepreneurial settings.

Prerequisites: MGT 2103

ENT 3113 Entrepreneurial Marketing (2-2-3)

Focuses on entrepreneurial marketing and is designed for students with an interest in the entrepreneurial journey, marketing their own business, or taking a marketing job in a start-up. It covers strategies and methods used by early-stage companies to attract, and acquire customer using new methods. Through unconventional, digital, social media , relationship marketing methods and monitor the activities and results through metrics.

Prerequisites: MRK 1103

ENT 4003 Product Design and Development (2-2-3)

Prepares students to be competent in product design and development as a major source of competitive advantage to organizations. Examines the relationship between concept generation, problem-based ideation, new product concepts evaluation, prototyping and New Product launching strategies.

Prerequisites: MGT 3103

ENT 4013 New Venture Growth Strategies (2-2-3)

Focusses on the strategic aspects of growing fledgling ventures, as well as the prime strategic issues encountered by new business start-ups. The course looks at contemporary strategic frameworks and techniques for managing venture growth in a controlled and sustainable manner, in competitive business environments. A variety of venture growth case studies, scenarios and simulation exercises are utilised throughout the course to help teach key concepts and techniques.

Prerequisites: ENT 3023

ENT 4033 Startup Lab & Digitalisation (1-3-3)

Startup Lab & Digitalisation is an intensive, hands-on, project-based course in which student teams design and test new business concepts that address real-world needs. Students will learn critical and broadly applicable techniques about starting and launching a venture. Students are required to take this course before ENT 4203 - Innovation & Entrepreneurial Research Project.

Prerequisites: ENT 3023

ENT 4103 Managing Innovation (2-2-3)

Informs about the true relationship between innovations, sustainable businesses and entrepreneurship. Examines how competent management of innovation may be used as a source of competitive advantage by organizations. Investigates the effect of internal and external forces on the management of innovation.

Prerequisites: ENT 3113

ENT 4113 Marketing and Sales Management (2-2-3)

This course develops sales and marketing skills, social, mobile, search, and sales and marketing operations for success. It examines the power of applying digital concepts across marketing functions and how digital marketing drives marketing strategy. It investigates current issues in sales management such as sales planning, forecasting, distribution channels and credit terms and discounts. the students will use the latest tools in data analytics in sales and marketing, digital advertising and predictive modelling to increase the marketing and sales reach.

Prerequisites: ENT 3113

ENT 4133 Corporate Entrepreneurship (2-2-3)

The course analyses the impact of a rapidly changing environment on companies. It further determines the nature and importance of intrapreneurship and corporate entrepreneurship in modern society. The course critically analyses the four pillars of entrepreneurial architecture: culture, structure, leadership and strategy. It focuses on the role of the intrapreneur and venture teams in larger firms, critically assesses the character traits of intrapreneurs and how they might be developed and evaluates the basis on which to select a venture team.

Prerequisites: MGT 2103

ENT 4203 Innovation and Entrepreneurial Research Project (2-2-3)

This course allow students demonstrate their breadth of learning by applying conceptual and theoretical knowledge obtained in Innovation & Entrepreneurship program to analyze, address and proffer solutions to a real-life organizational problem. The purpose is to integrate and apply knowledge and skills learned in preceding courses in order to identify opportunities for the application and critical review of theory and practice in a business environment. The project is to be informed and supported where possible by industry to provide a high level of authentic learning throughout the project.

Prerequisites: ENT 4013