Helicopter Flying Training (HFT)

HFT 4002 Helicopter General Handling Ground School I (2-2-2)

This is the first course of General Handling. The course is the first part of the conversion to type applied course. HFT 4002 covers the basics of Aviation Law and Daylight Flying (Visual Flight Rules) Operational Procedures and Practical Skills Procedures. Students are provided instruction in manoeuvre procedures, air traffic and aviation law, principles of flight and emergency procedures.

Prerequisites: AVS 2133, AVS 3113, AVS 4012

Corequisites: AVS 3163, AVS 4003

HFT 4013 Helicopter General Handling Ground School II (3-0-3)

This is the second course of General Handling academic learning and covers all basic technical content of the aircraft. The course provides instruction on the specific technologies of the Bell 407 aircraft and complements Aviation Science Core courses in Safety Systems, Avionics, Aircraft Systems, Turbine-Engines and VFR Instruments.

Prerequisites: HFT 4002

HFT 4022 Helicopter General Handling Basic (2-1-2)

Covers all Basic practical flying activities necessary for a Helicopter Pilot to successfully and safety fly an aircraft through a range of basic maneuvers such as take-off and landing, straight & level flight and climbing and descending under forward flight, turning and the full range of hover maneuvers (take off, land, turn, move forward, backwards and sideways). The basic maneuvers are carried out in daylight hours, under supervision and in the area near the airfield.

Prerequisites: AVS 2133, HFT 4002, AVS 3113, AVS 4012, HFT 4013

Corequisites: AVS 3163, AVS 4003

HFT 4103 Helicopter General Handling Advanced (2-3-3)

The students use practical application of all the learning done till to date. The flying of the advanced phase helps to improve their helicopter handling by revising basic maneuvers which were taught earlier in the ‘Basic Phase’. This assists in acquiring high-level of competences required in executing demanding advance maneuvers and safely handle helicopter specific emergency situations.

Prerequisites: HFT 4022

HFT 4113 Helicopter Instrument Flying Ground School (3-1-3)

This course is a classroom academic Ground School providing students with the knowledge and skills to configure (program) read and interpret instrument used in Instrument Flight Operations, and also conduct Instrument Operations Procedures and Emergencies. The course is large as it includes Procedural Navigation (normal included as a separate course).

Prerequisites: HFT 4002

HFT 4122 Helicopter Instrument Flying (2-1-2)

The Instrument Flight Phase provides students with the skills and competencies to successfully and safely handle a helicopter in Instrument Meteorological Conditions (IMC) and teaches pilots to flying the aircraft using only Instruments as visual cues. HFT 4122 develops a student's practical competencies (both physical and cognitive).

Prerequisites: AVS 2133

HFT 4203 Helicopter Navigation (3-1-3)

The Low-Level Flight and Navigation Phase provides the student with the skills and competencies to operate the helicopter in close proximity with the ground and ground based objects and to navigate the helicopter at low level. The phase includes both academic and practical instruction. Subjects covered include but are not limited to: navigate by pilotage and dead-reckoning, perform slope operations, negotiate wire obstacles, perform terrain flight mission planning, perform terrain (following) flight, perform confined area operations, perform ridgeline and pinnacle operations.

Prerequisites: AVS 2133, HFT 4002, AVS 3033, AVS 3123, HFT 4022, HFT 4103

HFT 4212 Helicopter Night Flying (2-1-2)

The Night Flying Phase, known as the Night Vision Goggles Phase provides the student with the skills and competencies to safely maneuver the helicopter after daylight hours. The maneuvers covered are those covered in all the flying phases of instruction covered until this point but with the additional complication of wearing Night Vision Goggles and flying at night. Each flight simulator and flight mission includes: Preparation phase (briefing) conducted from student under guidance and supervision by Qualified Flight Instructors (QFIs).

Prerequisites: AVS 2133, HFT 4002

HFT 4221 Helicopter Mission Flying (0-2-1)

The Mission Flying Phase is the final and most applied of all the Helicopter Flying Courses and brings together all the individual skills and competencies gained during the whole of the Bachelor. The student will now use the Helicopter Pilot and Aviation Science course knowledge and skills to carry out 8 Military Helicopter Mission Profiles. Each flight simulator and flight mission include: Preparation phase (briefing) conducted from student under guidance and supervision by Qualified Flight Instructors (QFIs).

Prerequisites: AVS 2133, HFT 4002