HNR - Nursing (HNR)

HNR 2003 Fundamentals of Nursing (Theory) (3-1-3)

Introduces the basic concepts and selected theories of nursing, professional nursing standards and the role and scope of the general nurse practice. Explores the concepts of clinical decision making and critical thinking in relation to the application of the nursing process. Focuses on theoretical knowledge and appropriate clinical experience to build up cognitive and practical skills.

Prerequisites: HSC 1033, HSC 1113

Corequisites: HNR 2013

HNR 2013 Fundamentals of Nursing (Practice) (0-8-3)

Provides students with the opportunity to develop & demonstrate foundation clinical nursing competencies. Emphasis is placed on students internalizing and demonstrating safe client care and mastering nursing competencies in the skills lab. Students will apply the nursing process in simulated and supervised clinical settings.

Prerequisites: HSC 1033, HSC 1113

Corequisites: HNR 2003

HNR 2014 History Taking and Physical Assessment (2-5-4)

Provides theoretical knowledge and essential skills in inspection, palpitation, percussion, and auscultation required for the student to conduct a complete physical health assessment of young and older adults with severity of illnesses. Knowledge of the normal structure and function of body parts and systems is an essential requisite to conducting physical assessment.

Prerequisites: HSC 1033

HNR 2022 Communication and Health Education Skills (2-1-2)

This course aims to prepare students to effectively communicate with patients, families, and the interprofessional team in various healthcare settings. Models & theories of communication will be explored including tools to prevent communication errors. The course focuses on health education & strategies. Students are expected to deliver health education sessions.

HNR 2033 Pathophysiology (3-1-3)

Introduces pathophysiological processes of body systems affecting human beings across the lifespan. It focuses on understanding health alterations, symptomatology, diagnostic techniques and medical, surgical procedures.

Prerequisites: HSC 1033

HNR 2102 Microbiology (2-1-2)

Provides students with the theoretical and practical techniques in the classification, isolation and identification of micro-organisms. Students study concepts of infection, transmission of disease, pathogenicity, body defense mechanisms, prevention and control of infection.

HNR 2113 Clinical Pharmacology (3-1-3)

Introduces the differences between pharmacology, clinical pharmacology and therapeutics. Basic principles of pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics, characteristics of an ideal drug, drug administration routes and dose calculation, legislation, drug development and drug classification, adverse drug reactions and drug interactions will also be explored.

HNR 2124 Adult Health Nursing I (Theory) (4-1-4)

Introduces students to common health conditions of adults. It explores the clinical manifestations, treatment modalities and care management of common health conditions according to body systems. Students apply the nursing process and explore evidence-based guidelines and health informatics relevant to health conditions of patients.

Prerequisites: HNR 2003, HNR 2014, HNR 2033

Corequisites: HNR 2154, HNR 2113

HNR 2143 Social and Behavioral Sciences for Nursing (3-1-3)

Provides an overview of human behaviour and human development. This course describes the human development process, identifies major concepts of social psychology and relates them to real-life situations. It provides framework for examining human behavior in social systems and in various contexts with emphasis on healthcare contexts.

HNR 2154 Adult Health Nursing I (Practice) (0-16-4)

An introductory clinical experience course which offers students the opportunity to have supervised hands-on experience in the care management of patients, and the translation of theoretical knowledge into practice. Emphasis is placed on the application of health assessment and the utilization of the nursing process for adults with common health conditions.

Prerequisites: HNR 2003, HNR 2013, HNR 2014

Corequisites: HNR 2124

HNR 3023 Adult Health Nursing II (Theory) (3-1-3)

Builds upon Adult Health Nursing I (Theory), where students examine health conditions of body systems that affect adult and older adult populations. Clinical manifestations and causes of selected health conditions are explored, as well as the treatment modalities and care management of these conditions.

Prerequisites: HNR 2124

Corequisites: HNR 3033

HNR 3033 Adult Health Nursing II (Practice) (0-12-3)

Builds on the clinical experience in Adult 1 practice. Students will use more independent clinical judgment in planning and managing the care of adult and older adult patients while translating theoretical knowledge and evidence into practice. It emphasizes the application of health assessment and the utilization of the nursing process in the management of care plan while emphasizing collaboration and collaborative learning within the interdisciplinary team. It also enhances level of confidence with emphasis on quality, safety, health informatics, patient centeredness and system based care.

Prerequisites: HNR 2154

Corequisites: HNR 3023

HNR 3043 Maternal Health Nursing and Care of the Newborn (Theory) (3-1-3)

Aims to introduce students to basic concepts and principles of nursing care for women before, during and after delivery, the newborn and their families. Students will utilise the nursing process in the provision and promotion of holistic care. Concepts to be explored include normal and abnormal issues during pregnancy, delivery, the postnatal period and the newborn.

Prerequisites: HNR 2124

Corequisites: HNR 3052

HNR 3052 Maternal Health Nursing and Care of the Newborn (Practice) (0-8-2)

This course aims at providing nursing students with essential clinical training that would enable them to provide holistic health and nursing care for childbearing family at different stages; antepartum, intrapartum and postpartum. Health promotion and prevention of disease is emphasizsed. Students will engage in the management of clients indergoing diagnostic/therapeutic procedures; care of the mother and fetus and care of the newborn.

Prerequisites: HNR 2154

Corequisites: HNR 3043

HNR 3103 Mental Health Nursing (Theory) (3-1-3)

This course aims to develop fundamental knowledge, skills and attitudes relevant to the restoration and maintenance of optimal mental health and recovery from mental illness. Students will develop introductory skills integral to the assessment of mental health disorders and the evaluation of coping abilities.

Prerequisites: HNR 3023

Corequisites: HNR 3112

HNR 3112 Mental Health Nursing (Practice) (0-8-2)

Students will apply mental health nursing knowledge, including decision making and critical thinking skills, and beginner practitioner skills pertaining to the care and management of individuals with a variety of mental health problems. This course provides the opportunity for students to work with individuals in a mental health care settings.

Prerequisites: HNR 3033

Corequisites: HNR 3103

HNR 3123 Child and Adolescent Health Nursing (Theory) (3-1-3)

This course introduces students to appropriate scientific knowledge which enables them to develop their own unique clinical and educational approach to care of children, adolescents and their families. The course progresses from simple to complex concepts, as it moves from normal growth and development to health promotion and maintenance to prevention of illnesses and selected health issues.

Prerequisites: HNR 3043

Corequisites: HNR 3133

HNR 3133 Child and Adolescent Health Nursing (Practice) (0-12-3)

This course teaches students essential clinical skills and competencies that enables them to provide holistic health and nursing care for children, adolescents and their families. The aim of the course is to enable students to think critically in providing nursing care to children and adolescents with different health problems through the application of the nursing process. Students will promote health prevention strategies for children and their families.

Prerequisites: HNR 3052

Corequisites: HNR 3123

HNR 3142 Ethical and Legal Issues in Nursing (2-1-2)

This course identifies professional, ethical, and legal principles relevant to the practice of a registered nurse. It provides an opportunity to assess ethical and legal issues confronting nurses and other health care providers in a variety of health care settings. The course will address legal concepts and regulations under which professional nurses' practice in UAE.

HNR 4013 Community Health Nursing (Theory) (3-1-3)

This course will enable students to understand community health by exploring theoretical frameworks and health care policies and practices that underpin community health nursing. The course will introduce epidemiology; identify determinants of health and discuss health promotion theories and illness prevention strategies for individuals, families and groups; and, discuss vulnerable populations.

Prerequisites: HNR 3103

Corequisites: HNR 4022

HNR 4022 Community Health Nursing (Practice) (0-8-2)

This course will enable students to develop an understanding of community health care nursing. They will develop skills in assessment of an individual and develop rapport with family and community at large. Students will assess physical, sociocultural, environmental factors that influence, individual, families and communities, identify populations at risk and implement and evaluate primary care nursing interventions.

Prerequisites: HNR 3112

Corequisites: HNR 4013

HNR 4023 Evidence- Based Practice (3-1-3)

This course will enable students to apply the critical thinking skills, decision making process, and scientific inquiry to solve clinical problems within the clinical nursing practice areas. Focus is placed on the cyclical process of identifying clinical questions, searching and appraising the evidence for potential solutions/innovations, planning for implementing practice changes, evaluating the outcomes and identifying additional gaps in nursing knowledge.

Prerequisites: LSS 1123

HNR 4033 Management of Individuals with Complex Health Needs (Practice) (0-12-3)

This course will develop clinical reasoning and judgment skills pertinent to perform complex nursing care. The course enriches the educational experience of nursing students by advancing their skills in assessing, communicating with, and managing patients with complex health needs in both, critical care settings and non-critical care settings.

Prerequisites: HNR 3033

Corequisites: HNR 4103

HNR 4103 Management of Individuals with Complex Health Needs (Theory) (3-1-3)

This course further develops nursing knowledge and critical thinking skills whilst utilising the nursing process through exploration of common, complex health challenges. Technical, scientific, interpersonal and clinical decision-making skills are also further developed. Students apply concepts and skills related to the care and management of individuals with acute and life threatening conditions.

Prerequisites: HNR 3023

Corequisites: HNR 4033

HNR 4113 Leadership and Quality Management in Nursing (3-1-3)

This course introduces students to management functions and leadership roles in nursing practice at the unit level. The course addresses selected theories of nursing management and leadership, organisational structure, core management and leadership skills, and organisational aspects of risk, safety and quality, including disaster management.

Corequisites: HNR 4126

HNR 4122 Nursing Informatics (2-1-2)

Focuses on the use and management of nursing information to enhance, facilitate and guide nursing knowledge and practice. Introduces students to important informatics tools that are currently utilised in healthcare to ensure safe and quality nursing care. The course explores the role of information technology tools in shaping nursing knowledge, practice, and research. Provides introductory health informatics knowledge that nurses use on a daily basis, highlights the current issues related to the protection of patient privacy, confidentiality, and security of protected health information.

HNR 4126 Consolidated Nursing Practice (0-24-6)

This course is the final clinical experience for nursing students before graduating and being able to function as registered general nurses. This clinical experience will enable students to consolidate the knowledge and skills gained throughout the program in both the clinical and theory courses to effectively prepare them for their future role as registered professional nurses. To establish the student's suitability for employment and future licensure as a Registered Nurse they will be required to pass clinically focused exit exam during this placement.

Prerequisites: HNR 4103, HNR 3133, HNR 3123, HNR 4013, HNR 4033, HNR 4022

Corequisites: HNR 4113