LSC - Communication (LSC)

LSC 0303 English Communications II (8-2-3)

Covers English vocabulary, grammar and communication skills at CEFR levels B1 and B1+. Using a broad range of articles, reports and introductory academic texts to write a range of essay types, and communicating effectively in an academic context using a range of vocabulary and grammar structures at the B1+ level is covered. Basic project skills, study skills, and IT skills are introduced.

LSC 1103 Professional Communication and Reporting (2-2-3)

Prepares students for composing a variety of professional communication tasks, reading for purpose, and combining original ideas with the ideas of others into professional evidence-based written and oral formats.

LSC 1503 Academic Spoken Communication (3-1-3)

Students explore the use of spoken English in academic and professional contexts. They analyse extended formal speech as well as mini-lectures,and identify non-verbal features such as emotions from both linguistic and non-linguistic clues. Students then apply the knowledge gleaned to take part in discussions and other spoken activities, such as creating and delivering presentations, delivering public speeches, and participating in interviews.

LSC 2193 Applied Skills Capstone (2-2-3)

Incorporates the skills and competencies introduced in the pre-requisite courses into a futures-based applied research capstone course in which students conceptualize a study, collect secondary research data, analyze and interpret data, and present findings in a professional written product. Develops students’ interview skills for future workforce preparedness.

Prerequisites: LSC 1103, LSS 1003, LSS 1123, (LSM 1003 or LSM 1103 or LSM 1113 or LSM 1123 or MTH 1113)

LSC 3023 Professional English (3-1-3)

Focus is on career preparation by developing students’ professional skills, as well as writing, speaking, listening, and innovative thinking skills. Students will demonstrate a mastery of taught content by analyzing and synthesizing different job related scenarios using problem solving and negotiation skills. Students demonstrate proficiency in conducting and participating in career related meetings, simulations, and presentations.

Prerequisites: LSC 1103