MGT - Management (MGT)

MGT 1003 Principles of Management (3-1-3)

Examines the concept of leadership and management as understood by practicing managers and behavioural scientists. Covers the basic functions of management, management levels and skills, model of communication, individual and group decision making, role of leaders in managing change, leadership theory, concepts and practical issues related to both the UAE and the wider business environment.

MGT 2103 Organizational Behaviour (2-2-3)

Provides an in-depth examination of occupational and organisational issues such as individual behaviours, group behaviours, leadership styles, and communication process including aspects related to power, influence and politics at work. It also looks at organisational culture, diversity, equity, and innovation influencing the organizational behaviours that allow companies to gain sustainable competitive advantage.

Prerequisites: MGT 1003

MGT 3003 Business Ethics and Corporate Governance (2-2-3)

Develops the ability to critically evaluate business issues that are ethically ambiguous or contain ethical dilemmas. Ethical theories, ethical concepts, relationships between stakeholders, professional ethics and sustainability are studied in relation to the world of work. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) and corporate governance (CG) principles are studied and applied from local and international business perspectives.

Prerequisites: MGT 2103

MGT 3103 Business Simulation and Project Management (2-2-3)

Primarily through the use of topical case studies, Strategic Management and Simulation analyses the nature of competitive advantage, and the various strategies available for firms to develop sustainable business growth in a global environment. Features a complex business simulation game in which students demonstrate a series of interrelated decisions, their ability to apply business administration concepts in practice, for the benefit of an imaginary company. The course also covers project management topics based on the current version of the project management body of knowledge (PMBOK Guide).

Prerequisites: MGT 2103

MGT 4043 Management Science (2-2-3)

Develop an understanding of the quantitative techniques and tools to resolve managerial decision problems related to resource allocation, optimization, process management and decision analysis problems in organizations. Apply linear programming, simulation modelling, network modelling and decision analysis tools to complex quality management processes using specialized software.

Prerequisites: STS 2003