Military Studies (MTS)

MTS 1002 Leadership (2-1-2)

The course of leadership is aimed at developing the leadership proficiency in cadets, and how to overcome leadership problems besides the requirements throughout his roles that involve leadership. This program includes: the general nature of leadership, human behavior, characteristics of leadership, a guide to proper leadership, leadership obstacles and solutions, leadership in battle field, leadership in high ranks, a practical application to leadership roles.

MTS 1102 Staff Duties (1-2-2)

Designed to teach cadets the basic principles of the military writing and correspondence, military abbreviations, and operations orders. This course includes: the principles of military writing and correspondence, telegrams, orders, standard module for operations order, military abbreviations. The course also includes practical exercises.

MTS 1112 Topography (1-2-2)

The topography course aims at training cadets to read and use land navigation maps, compasses and GPS to navigate on the ground. The course includes different types of maps, geographic coordinate systems, land navigation, military protractor, map guidance, finding places, the exchange of visions, aerial photographs, and using GPS. Practical exercises are also organized to provide experience of night marching, and using the compass, military protractor, and GPS.

MTS 1123 Air Force History and Organisation (3-1-3)

The course provides the students with an appreciation of the historic development of Air Power and the UAE Air Force into the current modern Air Force and Air Defence organisation. The students then examine the current structures, organisation and roles of the Air Force and Air Defence and the contribution towards national security. Intelligence and Security, Command and Control, Operational Assets and future developments are all discussed

MTS 1133 Warfare Tactics (3-1-3)

This course provides cadets with the basic principles of war, and different stages of a war. Overall, the course identifies the role Aviation assets support ground forces. The course includes battle skills for the section and the platoon: signals and signs, section battle movements, battle skill drills for the section, platoon battle movements, and battle skill drills for the platoon; patrols: reconnaissance patrols, static patrols, combat patrols, planning and execution of patrols, patrols exercise, advance, attack, sand table description, instructions of advance and attack exercise, squadro

MTS 2103 Aircraft Weapons Systems (2-2-3)

This course is an introduction to the types, specification and effects of commonly employed aircraft weapons systems and examines the advanced weapons and guidance systems. The course covers a wide range of weapons systems and external pods that are used to achieve a wide range of military missions such as Air-To-Air missions, SEAD missions or Air-To-Surface missions. Particular attention will be placed on the trends of development of modern aircraft weapons.