NWR - Naval Warfare (NWR)

NWR 1103 Naval Warfare and Operations I (3-1-3)

The course will familiarize the students with basic naval warfare concepts. It is an introduction to various naval platforms and will cover weapon/sensors outfits, surface warships, submarines, aircraft, weapons, and sensors, Above Water Warfare (AAW), and Underwater Warfare (UWW). The course also covers an introduction to AIO (Action Information Organization) with its peace and war time roles.

NWR 2103 Naval Warfare and Operations II (3-1-3)

This course aims to acquaint students with the basic concepts of various forms of naval warfare, including Anti-Air Warfare, Anti-Surface Warfare, Anti-Submarine Warfare, Mine Warfare, Electronic Warfare and Amphibious Warfare. Concepts are introduced in a practical manner by emphasizing the aim, purpose, platforms used, important terms and definitions and basic tactics involved. Military operations other than war conducted by Naval Forces and principles of Naval Communication are also introduced.

Prerequisites: NWR 1103

NWR 4004 Bridge Warfare and Tactical Manoevering (0-8-4)

The courses provides an opportunity for students to perform as an OOW to support surface and sub-surface operations. This includes operating with organic helo, conducting surface engagements and combined anti-submarine exercises. Students will need to analyse the tactical situation and respond appropriately to developing threats.