PHY - Physics (PHY)

PHY 0103 Fundamentals of Physics (3-1-3)

An introductory remedial physics course that aims to strengthen students’ background in physics and prepare them for the regular physics courses. It covers fundamental physics principles such as units, measurements, vectors and scalars, linear motion, forces, Newton's laws of motion, work and energy, electric charge, electric force, Coulomb’s law, electric current and resistance, Ohm’s law, and mechanical waves.

PHY 1103 Physics of Mechanics and Motion (3-1-3)

An introductory level physics course that is essential for all Engineering programs. It covers many of the fundamental principles of physics such as linear motion, circular motion and angular motion, forces and Newton's laws of motion, work and energy, collisions and conservation laws, momentum and fluids. Laboratory work is required to reinforce and stress the importance of these principles using the experimental method for investigating and reporting results.

Prerequisites: PHY 0103

PHY 1203 Physics of Electricity and Magnetism (3-1-3)

A second course of introductory level physics that is key for several applied engineering programs. It covers the fundamental principles of physics such as heat and thermodynamics, electricity and magnetism, mechanical waves and electromagnetic waves. Laboratory work, utilizing experimental methodology and written reports, is used to reinforce these principles.

Corequisites: PHY 1103