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Viewing outcome relationships between ECE 3203 - Learning through Literature and BAEDU - Education (Early Childhood)

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BAEDU - Education (Early Childhood)
ECE 3203 - Learning through Literature
  • PLO 4: Evaluate and implement effective research, teaching, learning and assessment strategies within diverse educational contexts and tasks.
    • CLO 1: Explain a range of genres and their characteristics in children’s literature.
    • CLO 2: Examine criteria for the selection of developmentally appropriate texts and the development of a literacy-rich environment.
  • PLO 5: Display leadership, effective classroom management, innovative teaching and learning that align to national values and social responsibility.
    • CLO 3: Evaluate content, and the social and cultural values transmitted through developmentally appropriate texts.
    • CLO 4: Develop themed, interactive texts and resources (story sack) to facilitate students' engagement and comprehension.
  • PLO 6: Function independently as a professional teacher in the variety of roles required in educational settings.
    • CLO 5: Create learning experiences to apply various reading strategies during shared reading and read aloud using self-developed resources.
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