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Viewing outcome relationships between EDU 3803 - Inclusive Strategies and Intervention for Early Childhood and BAEDU - Education (Early Childhood)

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BAEDU - Education (Early Childhood)
EDU 3803 - Inclusive Strategies and Intervention for Early Childhood
  • PLO 1: Demonstrate specialized factual and theoretical knowledge that underpins teaching and learning principles and concepts.
    • CLO 1: Discuss the foundations for inclusive education for learners with special needs.
  • PLO 2: Demonstrate an understanding of how educational and related theories have evolved and are applied to research and teaching.
    • CLO 2: Summarize provisions for educating learners with special needs, including the development of IEPs.
  • PLO 6: Function independently as a professional teacher in the variety of roles required in educational settings.
    • CLO 3: Apply modifications and accommodations for various special education needs.
  • PLO 7: Display commitment to the profession through adherence to ethical standards, effective work and study skills, and engagement in continuous professional development.
    • CLO 4: Evaluate local and international inclusive practices for meeting a particular special educational need.
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