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Viewing outcome relationships between EPC 4403 - Practicum 4a and BAEDU - Education (Early Childhood)

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BAEDU - Education (Early Childhood)
EPC 4403 - Practicum 4a
  • PLO 4: Evaluate and implement effective research, teaching, learning and assessment strategies within diverse educational contexts and tasks.
    • CLO 2: Implement integrated plans with a clear scope and sequence.
  • PLO 5: Display leadership, effective classroom management, innovative teaching and learning that align to national values and social responsibility.
    • CLO 4: Validate effective strategies to engage and motivate young learners.
  • PLO 6: Function independently as a professional teacher in the variety of roles required in educational settings.
    • CLO 3: Prioritize emotional safety through developing and maintaining positive relationships with all stakeholders.
    • CLO 5: Develop questioning techniques appropriate for learning in the Early Childhood context.
  • PLO 7: Display commitment to the profession through adherence to ethical standards, effective work and study skills, and engagement in continuous professional development.
    • CLO 1: Demonstrate cultural sensitivity and compliance with education regulations.
    • CLO 6: Generate reflection on learning resources, physical environment, and sociocultural contexts.
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