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Viewing outcome relationships between EPC 4906 - Practicum 4b (Internship) and BAEDU - Education (Early Childhood)

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BAEDU - Education (Early Childhood)
EPC 4906 - Practicum 4b (Internship)
  • PLO 4: Evaluate and implement effective research, teaching, learning and assessment strategies within diverse educational contexts and tasks.
    • CLO 4: Evaluate flexibility and adaptability in teaching.
  • PLO 6: Function independently as a professional teacher in the variety of roles required in educational settings.
    • CLO 2: Examine the role of a homeroom teacher.
    • CLO 3: Model an effective teacher presence.
  • PLO 7: Display commitment to the profession through adherence to ethical standards, effective work and study skills, and engagement in continuous professional development.
    • CLO 1: Demonstrate integrity and commitment to professional growth.
    • CLO 5: Create reports for stakeholders based on a range of assessment evidence.
    • CLO 6: Generate reflections and action plans on dispositions, professional growth, and the importance of education.
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