This catalog is divided into three sections.

In the first section, an overview of the HCT is provided, including its history and status in the current educational climate of the United Arab Emirates. Information is also provided about HCT’s governance and organisational structures (including a high-level organisational chart), national accreditation, HCT’s academic framework and the learning resources and services that support HCT students.

The second section provides more detailed information about admission to the HCT, its regulations, academic policies and procedures. It also includes key information about academic progression at HCT, grading, graduation and student conduct. 

The third section provides information about each program offered by HCT this academic year including academic staff, recommended sequence of study and course descriptions. This section also provides a detailed overview of individual programs including program learning outcomes or goals, program length, completion requirements, required core courses, electives and General Studies courses, along with the credit units for each course.