Social Work

Admission to Program

Admission to the program is explained in the HCT Admission Policy described in the Academic Policies section of this Catalog. In addition, students will be admitted to the Social Work Program through an interview and selection process.

Program Mission

The social work program prepares Emirati nationals for professional social work and child protection employment that promotes social justice in both local and global contexts.

Program Description

Successful completion of the four-year, social work program will provide graduates with the knowledge, skills and competencies to work with individuals, families, groups and communities to solve problems and enhance social functioning. Graduates will be able to work in a variety of health and human service settings, and apply varied intervention methods to address problems such as child abuse, old age, disabilities, family and child relationships, family violence, mental illness and crisis management.

Students are eligible for a one year Work Experiential Learning experience during their study.

Program Goals

  1.  Equip social work students with the knowledge, values, and skills to create competent professionals who can engage, assess, intervene, and evaluate the outcome of generalist practice in the UAE.  
  2. Prepare Social Work graduates to respond to the changing social needs and demands in the UAE by diversifying Social Work Education and including evidence-based practice and research.   
  3.  Prepare social work students with critical thinking skills to adopt ethical and professional behavior in their research and practice.  
  4.  Prepare students to engage in diverse practice & advocacy for inclusion, diversity, human rights and social, economic, and environmental justice in accordance with international conventions and the UAE laws.  

Program Learning Outcomes

Bachelor of Social Work (NQF Level 7)

Upon successful completion of this program the graduate will be able to:

PLO 1 : Apply the values, skills and knowledge from social work and related fields to provide quality health and human services in clinical and non-clinical settings

PLO 2:  Demonstrate effective generalist social work practice through the critical analysis of social policy, professional knowledge, and practice

PLO 3: Utilize evidence-based practice and research for social work practice with individuals, families, groups and communities to improve outcomes for clients

PLO 4: Demonstrate independent learning achievement through effective cognitive, technical, analytical, and communication skills in clinical and non-clinical settings to provide high standard and quality services.

PLO 5: Demonstrate professional competencies  and attributes in technical leadership and supervision as well as working collaboratively within a multidisciplinary team in a diverse range of practice settings (Technical Leader)

PLO 6: Demonstrate entrepreneurship and innovation skills to contribute and manage practice challenges within local and global contexts respecting socio-cultural and relationships (Graduating Companies)

PLO 7: Demonstrate the ability of exhibiting independent learning skills through self-evaluation and undertaking responsibility for initiating and facilitating professional development using ethical standards of practice within culturally diverse, complex and unfamiliar settings.

Completion Requirements

Bachelor of Social Work 

Students must successfully complete a minimum of 122 credits as follows:

Social Work Core Courses72
Field Education Courses14
General Studies33
General Health Sciences3
Total Credit Hours122
Social Work Core Courses
Required Credits: 75
HSC 2203Psychology3
HSW 1003Introduction to Social Work3
HSW 1023Basic Counselling Skills3
HSW 1033Social Diversity and Justice3
HSW 1223Social Work Practice I3
HSW 1233Social Work and Child Protection in the UAE3
HSW 1313Human Behavior in the Social Environment I - Children and Adolescents3
HSW 2013Vulnerable Populations: Children and Families3
HSW 2033Laws and Ethics in Social Work in the UAE3
HSW 2133Social Work with Families3
HSW 2143Social Work Practice II3
HSW 2323Vulnerable Populations: Persons with Disabilities3
HSW 3013Social Work Practice III3
HSW 3023Human Behavior in the Social Environment II3
HSW 3033Advanced Group Work3
HSW 3103Social Work with Groups3
HSW 3223Social Work Action and Advocacy3
HSW 4013Research Methodologies for Social Work3
HSW 4033Social Policy and Social Development3
HSW 4216Capstone Research Project6
HSW 4223Social Work Management and Leadership3
HSW 4233International Social Work3
HSW 4243Psychological Health and Issues3
HSW 4303Social Work with Communities3
Social Work and Child Protection Field Education Courses
Required Credits: 14
HSW 2324Child Protection Field Education4
HSW 3943Social Work Field Education II3
HSW 4927Social Work Field Education III7
General Studies
Required Credits: 33
English, Arabic or other Languages
Required Credits: 12
Humanities or Art
Required Credits: 3
Information Technology or Mathematics
Required Credits: 6
The Natural Sciences
Required Credits: 3
The Social or Behavioral Sciences
Required Credits: 9
Description Data
Total Required Credits 122
Maximum Duration of Study 6 years
Minimum Duration of Study 4 years
Cost Recovery Program No
Program Code BHSWU
Major Code HSW

Recommended Sequence of Study

Plan of Study Grid
Year 1
Semester 1Credit Hours
HSW 1003 Introduction to Social Work 3
HSW 1023 Basic Counselling Skills 3
HSW 1033 Social Diversity and Justice 3
LSC 1103 Professional Communication and Reporting 3
LSS 1003 Life and Future Skills 3
 Credit Hours15
Semester 2
AES 1013 Arabic Communications 3
HSC 1233 Human Growth and Development 3
HSW 1223 Social Work Practice I 3
HSW 1233 Social Work and Child Protection in the UAE 3
HSW 1313 Human Behavior in the Social Environment I - Children and Adolescents 3
 Credit Hours15
Year 2
Semester 3
HSC 2203 Psychology 3
HSW 2013 Vulnerable Populations: Children and Families 3
HSW 2033 Laws and Ethics in Social Work in the UAE 3
HSW 2133 Social Work with Families 3
LSS 1123 Basic Research Methods 3
 Credit Hours15
Semester 4
AES 1003 Emirati Studies 3
AES 1033 Islamic Culture 3
HSW 2143 Social Work Practice II 3
HSW 2323 Vulnerable Populations: Persons with Disabilities 3
 Credit Hours12
HSW 2324 Child Protection Field Education 4
 Credit Hours4
Year 3
Semester 5
HSW 3013 Social Work Practice III 3
HSW 3023 Human Behavior in the Social Environment II 3
HSW 3103 Social Work with Groups 3
ICT 2013 Computational Thinking and Coding 3
LSM 1113 Statistical Mathematics 3
 Credit Hours15
Semester 6
BUS 2403 Innovation and Entrepreneurship 3
HSW 3033 Advanced Group Work 3
HSW 3223 Social Work Action and Advocacy 3
HSW 4303 Social Work with Communities 3
LSC 2223 Future Skills Capstone 3
 Credit Hours15
HSW 3943 Social Work Field Education II 3
 Credit Hours3
Year 4
Semester 7
HSW 4013 Research Methodologies for Social Work 3
HSW 4033 Social Policy and Social Development 3
HSW 4223 Social Work Management and Leadership 3
HSW 4233 International Social Work 3
HSW 4243 Psychological Health and Issues 3
 Credit Hours15
Semester 8
HSW 4216 Capstone Research Project 6
HSW 4927 Social Work Field Education III 7
 Credit Hours13
 Total Credit Hours122

Anamika Vajpayi, Lecturer, Master of Social Work, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, India

Joelle Chamoun, Clinical Instructor, Master in Education, American University, UAE

John Roberts, Lecturer, Master of Social Work, Exeter University, UK

Khaoula Benothman, Lecturer, Master in Social Work, South Bank University, UK 

Leire Beltran, Lecturer, Master in Social Work, University of Navarre, Spain

Mona Abdelaal, Assistant Professor, PhD in Social Work, the Ohio State University, USA

Nawal Majeed, Lecturer, M.Sc. in Education and Training, Surrey University, Guildford, UK