Faculty of Health Sciences

Faculty Mission

To develop robust, pedagogically sound, nationally and internationally accredited curricula through collaboration internally and externally, partnering with industry and community, particularly in the medical and health sector, to deliver learning and teaching programs that are technically and clinically evidence-based and research informed and to be highly innovative in the continuous improvement of each program, sensitive to the health and medical industry and community requirements, and emerging future workforce demands.

Senior Staff

Executive Dean

Prof. Gregory Blatch

List of Programs Offered

Professional Certifications

Emergency Medical Professional

Occupational Maps

Programs and Occupations

Programs and Campuses

Degree Offered at
Bachelor of Emergency Medical Services Abu Dhabi Men's, Al Ain Men's, Sharjah Men’s
Bachelor of Health Information Management Abu Dhabi Women’s, Sharjah Women’s, Fujairah
Bachelor of Medical Imaging Science Dubai Women’s, Fujairah Women’s
Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Science Abu Dhabi Women’s, Sharjah Women’s
Bachelor of Nursing Fujairah Women’s, Ras Al Khaimah Women's, Sharjah Women’s
Bachelor of Pharmacy Dubai Women’s
Bachelor of Social Work Abu Dhabi Women's, Sharjah Women's
Bachelor of Veterinary Science Al Ain Men’s, Sharjah Men’s