Learning Resources


HCT Libraries support teaching, learning, and research activities by providing access to extensive collections of electronic and print resources, modern facilities, and information literacy opportunities.  

HCT’s e-Resources are available for online access anytime and anywhere. Our students, faculty, and staff access desired e-Resources directly from the HCT Online Library catalog which comprises of over 950,000 e-books, 179,000 e-journals, 110 databases, 6,300 videos and 235,000 print items.  HCT Libraries continuously acquire new e-Resources and expand their collections based on consolidated user-centered best practices. 

Professional Library staff are available to assist the HCT community with reference services, academic research support and information literacy sessions.  In addition to housing and providing access to dynamic content collections, each campus library space serves as an inspirational hub to support collaborative study and work.   

eTextbooks, Instructional Software and Laboratory Materials

HCT is committed to being the pre-eminent technology-supported higher education institution in the UAE.  Students are provided with resources appropriate to their program and year of study that support learning in and out of the classroom consistent with the Mission and Goals of HCT.

These resources may include:

  • eTextbooks and other interactive electronic resources as selected by the teaching faculty; and
  • Discipline specific instructional software
  • Equipment and tools required for laboratory and other practical instruction including discipline-specific clothing/ uniforms, hard hats, protective boots, etc.

Internet Resources and Services

Provision of access to Internet resources and services is intended to support the need for HCT students to develop the computer and information- seeking skills that are essential for the workplace and for lifelong learning.

Students are expected to equip themselves with tablet computers and/or laptops required to support their learning.

The HCT Internet access and electronic mail services are provided under the authority of the Chancellor and the President  & CEO of the HCT in accordance with federal laws and regulations governing the use of these services. Users of the Internet are governed by the HCT Internet Access and Electronic Mail Policy.

Enterprise Systems

Teaching and Learning

HCT Enterprise Teaching and Learning Systems are designed to provide students and faculty members with state of the art technologies to support different instructional modalities, and allow users to enjoy a wide variety of options, including a learning management system, a content management system, a virtual classroom, mobile access, and assessment system. 

Academic Support

HCT Enterprise academic systems are also designed to provide students with real-time registration, advising, degree audit, and other key support functions.