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Student Services

Student Services at the HCT campuses involve the campuses’ Academic Services and Student Life departments, which work closely with Central Registry and Student Engagement and Success. These departments ensure the academic integrity of HCT credentials, as well as students’ access to a supportive campus environment. The departments’ roles help to promote all students’ personal well-being and academic success, as well as to prepare them to contribute to the on-going development of the UAE.

The Campus Academic Services departments provide all record-related services from admission, registration, official transcripts, course and examination schedules, student timetables and verification of graduation eligibility up to final credential award.

The Campus Student Life departments are responsible for supporting the different aspects of student engagement and success, starting with new student recruitment, admissions and orientation. The Student Life departments assist with financial aid services, student behavior, discipline and attendance issues, safety and security, counselling services, wellness, cultural and mental growth and any accommodations for Students of Determination. They give guidance to students organizing student councils, peer tutoring, leadership programs extra and co-curricular athletic and recreational activities as well as clubs and other special events. In addition, Student Engagement and Success manages all mandatory student volunteering activities. The Department has also deployed and manages an updated version of Student Feedback System. Since the irruption of COVID-19 pandemic, the DigiCampus platform has been utilized to provide a wide range of Student Life activities and events.

Volunteering Program at HCT

HCT provides its students with a range of community service and volunteering activities. This is designed to enhance citizenship of Emirati youth, increase their involvement with their communities and to preserve a cohesive society. The activities aim to enhance cultural and social awareness among HCT students, lead them to undertake positive and effective roles in their societies and develop their personal skills and capabilities. All Bachelor degree students are required to complete at least 100 volunteering hours as part of their graduation requirements.

Career Services

The HCT Career Services are staffed by specialists in career management and counselling, which place strong emphasis on career development in a constantly changing global workforce.

The activities of the HCT Career Centers include:

  • assisting students to make informed career decisions, and provide career assessment opportunities;
  • providing one-to-one counselling to help students match their interests with suitable careers;
  • building relationships between the HCT, employers and business communities;
  • organizing career-centered events, including summer orientation sessions for high-school students;
  • posting employment listings received from employers in both the private and public sectors;
  • assisting students in the search for employment and liaising between employers, graduates and students; and
  • providing student-focused workshops on topics such as career planning, developing a positive professional attitude, CV and resume writing as well as job interview techniques.

Counselling Service

The HCT provides personal and academic counselling to help students with their classroom performance or social adjustment at the campus.

Campus Counselors play a vital role in assessing special admissions cases in terms of degrees of impediment and availability of accommodations at HCT. They are available to meet students who are having academic or personal problems that interfere with their classroom performance or social adjustment. Counsellors can help students find solutions to their problems and facilitate academic and personal growth.

Students are assigned an Academic Adviser at the start of each academic year. The adviser is usually a class teacher who will give academic advice and monitor progress.

Students of Determination

Under the conditions outlined in the HCT policy, reasonable academic accommodation is provided to Students of Determination.

Students of Determination are eligible for appropriate support which could take in the form of special equipment or materials, or additional time to complete course requirements. Students are required to provide appropriate medical documentation detailing their special need.

It is important that students contact their Campus Counsellor as early as possible in order to obtain the necessary support.

Extra-curricular Activities

Throughout the academic year, a wide variety of physical, social and cultural activities are available to interested students. Students are encouraged to make every effort to participate in these activities, which are designed to supplement and complement their classroom work, enhance their experience at the HCT, and provide a healthy balance in life.

In many cases, students organize or coordinate campus events such as film festivals, athletic and recreational competitions, health and wellness days, heritage and cultural displays, art shows and employability events. These events develop individual and group initiatives, teamwork, leadership, and employability skills. They provide the students with the opportunity to apply the skills they have learned, to support charitable causes and to demonstrate academic achievements. During COVID-19 pandemic a wide range of the extra-curricular activities were digitalized and continued to be offered on DigiCampus platform.  

Safety and Security

The HCT is concerned that all individuals the students meet are properly authorized to enter the campuses. All HCT campuses have security gates, with security personnel stationed at each entrance. These security officers allow only those who are properly authorized to enter the campus.

Security officers have the right to prevent female students from leaving the campus without permission, and to carry out random checks on student and staff vehicles.

All HCT security officers are appointed for the safety of the staff and students of the campuses, and should be treated with proper respect.

During COVID-19 pandemic all precautions stipulated by UAE authorities to control spread of the pandemic were taken to ensure that all campuses were safe and secured for student, faculty members and staff.

Fire Drills

In case of fire, each campus has procedures to follow. Students should learn the locations of emergency exits, fire alarms and fire extinguishers. In the event of a fire drill or emergency, students must follow the directions of teachers or security personnel.

Medical Care

HCT strives to prevent accident and illness in the learning and working environment. Where there is still limited risk of injury, or in cases of sudden illness, first aid will be provided to reduce the consequences of this. When students at campus are injured or feel unwell it is important they receive medical attention as soon as possible. The licensed nurse at the campus, in conjunction with the medical care and first aid procedures, will enable to determine suitable medical care & first aid provision.

Campus Student Councils

The Campus Student Council is a student leadership group at each campus. The President of the Campus Student Council represents the student body in the Campus Council and acts as a link between the students and campus management to improve student life. All enrolled students are eligible to vote in the Campus Student Council elections.

The Campus Student Council plans and implements a range of campus activities through regular meetings. Campus Student Council representatives of all the campuses also meet and elect a system-wide HCT Student Council President and Vice President. This HCT Student Council represents the wider HCT student body nationally and internationally at educational institutions, conferences and student forums, advocates students’ interests, participates in discussions of national and international issues related to students, and promotes communication between students and the HCT management. If you are interested to become a member of your Campus Student Council, please contact your Campus Student Life office.

The Campus Student Council is made up of the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and three members. Every academic year, two of the Campus Student Councils members are elected as representatives of HCT student body.

Financial Aid

HCT provides financial aid support to eligible, enrolled students facing financial challenges that might inhibit their ability to continue with their academic studies. Eligible students are encouraged to fill the on-line application and provide   all mandatory information and documents. The financial aid is provided in various forms as listed below:

  • Cash Aid
  • Laptop Provision
  • College transportation (available in women’s campuses only)

Students who require assistance are encouraged to contact the Campus Student Life Office or Campus Counsellor for further details regarding financial aid.


The Higher Colleges of Technology recognize that our Alumni are the pride and ambassadors of our institution. Our graduates carry their knowledge, skills, creativity, and experiences beyond the boundaries of the campuses.

Alumni Relations Office

Each campus has an Alumni Relations Office within the Outreach and Engagement Department, who will be the main point of contact for all alumni related matters; communication with Alumni on HCT events, opportunities for alumni to actively continue their involvement with HCT and contribute in alumni Engagement Programs and fostering ongoing relations between the alumni and HCT community.

Alumni Engagement Programs:

  • Campus Alumni Council The main goals of the Campus Alumni Council are to help nurture and strengthen the relations between alumni and the HCT, to introduce, lead and drive alumni initiatives and projects in campus or within the local community and to represent and advocate HCT Alumni feedback, suggestion and concerns to HCT Management.
  • Mentorship Program is designed to allow HCT alumni to contribute and to share knowledge and experience with students, providing career guidance and advice, and helping prepare the next generation of HCT graduates and leaders. 
  • Ambassadorship Program is designed to give an opportunity for the Alumni to share personal testimonies about their experiences at the HCT and inspire students via orientation program, talks to year 1 students and workshops
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Use of Information Technology & Social Media

Social media platforms allow individuals to communicate with potentially large audiences, which, given the interpersonal nature of social media, can blur the lines between a “personal voice” and an “institutional, or corporate, voice”. Despite the immense opportunities of social media, there are significant legal and reputational risks involved. Therefore, all students using social media must understand that their comments can be used, or perceived, to reflect negatively on HCT.

Social Media platforms can be used by students for educational purposes as part of their courses whilst they are studying at HCT. 


As HCT provides an integrated learning environment, which incorporates the use of smart learning and modern technologies, including social media, students must use these tools responsibly in their educational activities and scientific research.

HCT students must abide by the conditions set out in the Student Code of Conduct for Use of Social Media, which details the responsibilities of users, and conditions of use, with respect to the Internet and social media platforms. Students will be held accountable for any wrongful, illegal or unauthorized use, of these platforms, which may ultimately result in termination from HCT.

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